Munkebo bakke og Sankthans bål

Summer is approaching and the good weather is coming with it. The 12th of june my host family invited some neighbours to a big bonfire to celebrate Sankt Hans, or San Juan in Spanish. It is normally celebrated the 24th of June which is the longest day of the year.

Egeskov Slot

One of my presents my host family gave to me on the last Christmas was a ticket to Egeskov Slot. The castle of Egeskov is one of the biggest castles in Fyn. My friend Asdro and me came to visit it one day in June. The castle area is really big with different facilities such as different museums, gardens and labyrinths. There is also a path on the trees where we can walk from one place to another inside the area. The owners of the castle have quite a lot old motorbikes, cars and many type of vehicles. There are 3 different expositions of the XX century vehicle history in some buildings.
Then we entered to the castle of Egeskov. The castle exposition itself is not really big. Some rooms are showed as they were used in the past. The castle has many animals exposed on the walls. Even though I am totally against the chase of endangered animals, I have to admit that it was kind of a biological species exposition. I recommend the visit in a sunny day to enjoy all the activities offered.

Holidays with my parents

In the month of may I had a couple of weeks of holidays. My parents from Spain with my brother and his girlfriend Vero came to visit me in Denmark. We visited my danish host family in Rynkeby but also the surroundings. We spent one day in Odense, and another day we visited Fjord og Bælt. My family discovered and learnt many things from another culture. Vero, the girlfriend of my brother had the opportunity to try a danish traditional costume. My parents also wanted to visit Copenhagen, so we spent a couple of days in the capital. After my parents left, me and my friend Asdro visited the aquarium Den blå Planet, which is one of the biggers in Scandinavia. I highly recommend the visit, there is one big tank with some big fish, sharks and rays that is breathtaking. After those nice days with my family, I came back to Madrid to spend some days with my friends.

Visit to the north

One of the weekends of may I travel with a friend to the north of Jylland. We visited Kattegatcentret and  Henry, one of the EVS volunteers working there who guided us through the center. Kattegatcentret is an aquarium located in Grenå. They have different fish tanks, shark tanks and a place with 4 harbour seals. Visiting the centre with Henrik made the experience even better, mainly because he show us many things with good explanations. Next day we visited Skagen, which is the northest point of Jylland. The most interesting thing about this place is that we can see how the 2 seas litteraly splash with each other. We had also the opportunity to visit some sand dunes in the area and “Den Tilsandede Kirke” which is a church that was placed in an old village covered by the sand a long time ago. Den var en rigtig god tur i Jylland, hvor vi tog at kender bedre af nordJylland med gode venner! Tak for turen!